why i started to write this blog

i started to write a drama story when i was in high school, i wrote some and let my friends to read it. most of them love it, although some criticize it. i only write story when i feel i have some ideas on my mind. many ideas come and go without even picturing its detail in my head. but when i don’t try to put it in a note it will disturb and annoy me and make my day gloomy. but when i started to write it down and take some break, they will slowly gone without a trash. what a mess they left for me. after some years, i watch korean dramas and movies that ignite my passion to write my own drama story again. when i was in high school, i used to write japanese drama. but now, despite many lack that i have and  minus knowledge of the korean lives it self, i will try my best to make this myowndramastory blog to be the best blog i ever have so far. wish me luck and got inspired to write a good drama story. 😀

thank you…


words from you

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